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Professional Video Marketing Services

Professional Video Marketing Agency

Did you know that 9 out of 10 brands use video on social media to win new customers? Most consumer find their favorite one after watching videos or reels related to the brands.  And there is more! 4% of viewers buy after watching a video.

Ready to crush the competition? Our video marketing services turn viewers into fans by sharing videos that grab attention, get shared, and drive sales.

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What Is Video Marketing

Video marketing explains your business with pictures that move and tell a story. It’s a powerful way to grab attention, inform your audience, and even entertain them.

Videos are so popular in the marketing world right now. Everyone’s using them on social media and other platforms. People love watching videos, they also like to share them with others. As a result, they work as a perfect tool to spread the word about your business.

A captivating video can turn strangers into potential customers by grabbing their attention and making your brand memorable. They show people why they should care about your business. We can help you share these videos with your target audience and turn your business dreams into reality.

Types of Video Marketing

These are a well-designed video introduction to a business. They showcase the company’s service or products with high-quality visuals and clear audio. These videos establish credibility and improve the brand identity.

Complex topics needs to be well-explained to reach the general audience. Explainer videos play a big role in this case. These videos transform hard concepts into captivating narratives. They simplify information and keep viewers engaged.

Whiteboard drawings can be a powerful learning tool. Whiteboard video marketing takes advantage of this by visually explaining concepts using clear drawings and narration. This format is ideal for educational content as these videos are both informative and visually captivating.

For the fast-paced nature of marketing, you need to do something out of the box to get the attention. Commercial videos are made by keeping that concept in mind. These videos are short and action-packed and feature catchy messages. Commercials effectively promote products or services in a memorable way. They leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Not all video marketing is about selling. Educational videos empower viewers with knowledge.  These informative videos can teach new skills, provide in-depth explanations of a product or service, or even position the creator as an authority in their field.

The success of digital marketing services mostly depends on social media. The short and engaging videos of Social media videos play an important role in online gain. Based on each platform, these videos are made to hook viewers.

Brand story videos tell a company’s story in a way that’s interesting and makes people care. They show what a company is all about, its values, and why it does what it does. This helps viewers connect with the brand on a personal level and remember them long after they watch the video.

Level Up with Sariya IT’s Video Marketing

Sariya IT helps businesses like yours use video marketing to get their name out there and connect better with customers. We understand that eye-catching visuals and a good story are key to grabbing people’s attention. After figuring out what you want to achieve, we create video marketing campaigns that your target audience will love. 

Ready to make your brand even better? Let Sariya IT help you utilize the video marketing power!

Why Online Video Marketing Services Matter for Your Business

Make Your Brand Shine

Video content left a more impactful impression than written text. So, when you showcase your company's personality and values through video, your clients will remember that for a long time.

Educate Your Audience in A Fun Way

Videos break down complex information into easy-to-understand steps. They make learning enjoyable. Using these powerful storytelling tools, you can effectively convey your brand story and your unique selling points.

Keep Viewers Hooked

No one is going to read a full page of service description line by line, but most of them will definitely watch a 5-minute interesting video about your brand. Visually stimulating videos instantly hold your viewers' interest and make them want to see more and learn about what you offer.

Build Real Connections

People connect better with real people. Videos featuring your team or even satisfied customers help build trust and create a stronger connection with your audience. Moreover, showing your product live allows viewers to see its true value so that they can confidently make their buying decisions.

Turn Viewers into Customers

Well-made video content can motivate viewers to take the next step. You can easily convince the viewers and make the sales process smoother and faster.

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The Power of Video Marketing

Videos are everywhere! Check out the statistics to learn about the benefits of video marketing.

Sariya IT’s Video Marketing Packages

As one of the best video marketing agencies, Sariya IT helps you create a plan to spread your videos around and reach the right people. Our affordable video marketing services include-

YouTube Channel Management

Sariya IT's strategic YouTube channel management goes beyond just views. We help you cultivate a devoted audience and create deeper connections with viewers. This approach strengthens your brand identity on YouTube and establishes a strong and consistent presence.

Video Marketing & Promotions

Sariya IT transforms video marketing into a powerful growth engine with compelling video marketing and promotion strategies. By getting your brand seen by a wider audience, we help you reach new customers and expand your reach. 
Our video marketing expertise also drives lead generation. We convert viewers into potential customers with targeted video campaigns that capture their attention and generate interest in your products or services.

Paid Video Marketing Services

Even video marketing requires a comprehensive strategy to bring efficient outcomes. As an full-service digital marketing agency, Sariya IT handles everything from planning to execution.
Our unified approach integrates your video marketing with other powerful strategies like PPC, campaign setup, Off-page strategy, etc. This combination of organic and paid marketing strategies strengthens your brand presence online. So, whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you can get your expected result within a short amount of time.

Video SEO Services

We help your videos show up in online searches by:

  • Adding the popular search terms in your video titles and descriptions.
  • We create a special page for your videos to get discovered.
  • By optimizing your YouTube channel, we make it easier for searchers to find.

Social Media Management Services

We will turn your videos into social media stars. Videos work perfectly on social media because people can easily watch, share, and talk about them. Our social media experts will optimize your social media accounts to attract viewers and keep them engaged.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Video Marketing Process


Collaborative Planning

We will start by learning about your business goals, who you want to reach, and what you want to tell them in your video. Then, we’ll figure out a video plan together to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Channel Selection & Optimization

We identify the most suitable marketing channels and platforms to distribute your video content. Our experts ensure you get the maximum exposure and engagement. We also optimize the videos for maximum visibility and engagement.


Content Integration & Campaign Launch

After your video is all set, we put it in the online spaces you picked for your marketing campaigns. We schedule the launch perfectly to get the most views and make it as effective as possible.


Performance Monitoring & Strategy Refinement

Once your video hits the web, you can be sure it’s in good hands. We will closely track its performance, monitoring important details to see what resonates with viewers. This valuable information will then be used to refine your video plan. Adjustments will be made to optimize results and ensure your video campaign’s continued success.

Join Industry Leaders Who Trusted Sariya IT

Check out the list of our top clients who are satisfied with our BD web hosting services.

Why Sariya IT Is The Best Option for Your Video Marketing Services

Pick us for your brand marketing video promotion for the following reasons-

Made-to-Order Promotion

We're experts at creating promotion plans that fit your exact goals. With our knowledge, we make sure your videos reach the perfect viewers, leading to more interaction and conversions.

Keeping Viewers Hooked

Our videos are carefully planned to not only grab attention but also to entertain, teach, and get people talking. By building engagement, we help your brand create a lasting memory with viewers.

Easy Search Engine Finds

Our skilled writers are great at creating interesting stories that both audiences and search engines can find. By using SEO (search engine optimization) in our content, we make sure your videos are easy for your target audience to discover.

All-Inclusive Service

Working with Sariya IT means, you can get the highest output of your investment. Regardless of your business size and budget, you can find suitable online marketing packages from us.

The Masterminds Behind Video Marketing​

Niger Sultana Labony

Social Media Manager

Moshfiqur Rahman Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist

Moshfiqur Rahman

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist

Abul Hasnat Himel

Motion Graphic Designer

Faizunnessa Choyti

Digital Marketing Executive

Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level with Sariya IT

If you are ready to take your first step into the world of video marketing, we are ready to help. Let’s discuss the possibilities that we can create together. Partner with the best video marketing company and enjoy the result!

Frequently Asked Questions

Videos work as engaging snippets that grab attention, explain your brand, and connect with your audience. They are effective ways to boost brand awareness and even increase sales.

The best marketing videos for profile videos need to be under 2 minutes. Video marketing statistics show that for ads, the ideal time is 60 seconds as the audience prefers short videos. We decide the video length for your specific video types and goals.

Pretty much any business can benefit from videos, big or small, no matter what you sell. Videos can help you connect with the people you want to reach and achieve your marketing goals.

Studies show that most people like watching videos more than reading text. But to be sure, you can always do some research to see what kind of content your target audience likes.

There are many kinds of videos that work well for marketing, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here are a few examples:

  • product demonstrations
  • customer testimonials
  • explainer videos
  • how-to guides
  • behind the scenes of your business
  • brand storytelling videos

There are different ways to measure success, depending on your goals. You can track-

  • How many people watch your videos
  • How many people like, comment on, or share your videos
  • How many people click on links in your videos
  • How many people buy something after watching your videos
  • How much money you make from your videos compared to how much you spend on them 

There are tools that can help you track all this information so you can see how your videos are performing.

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